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IKEA LAGOM Workshop #2

I seriously hate getting up in the mornings ask anyone who knows me, but this Sunday I was up and on the road to Belfast before 6 AM! I get weirdly excited to go to IKEA haha

It was time for another Live LAGOM Workshop at IKEA Belfast this time with the focus being on saving energy, keeping homes cosy and trying our hand at making Draft excluders.

I was able to bring along two of my flatmates Josh and Amber to the workshop which was fun! They were completely new to the project other than listening to me boring them about it so it was good for them to see what i actually do. On arrival, we were able to enter through the co-worker entrance (check me out) and taken to a super nice room where the workshop would take place.



After watching a short video and a quick brief and I was literally able to tick something off my bucket list..Going to the showroom..when the store is closed.. and decorate one of the rooms! SO COOL (or sad)  but how cosy does this look,



My Draft excluder turned out ok, it won’t be going into mass production anytime soon but at least it works



Thanks to Linda and the team, I had such a good time and i can not wait for the next time

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