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IKEA UPDATE; Living Lagom

Ok, it been a while since I last updated you all on my project with IKEA and quite a lot has happened.

First off I’ve completed my first day of filming! I was selected by IKEA to feature in a short film about my Lagom Journey to make it a bit more interesting they got my flatmates involved which was great as it would make living lagom much easier for me if we were all taking part! I had the super friendly Matt and Duncan come to film us, I first filmed a short introduction about myself, why I was involved in the project and how I was living pre ‘Lagom’ then filmed a tour of the flat and my bedroom. Next came the exciting bit, the shopping trip!  It seriously felt like we were in Made in Chelsea having a film crew following us around while we shopped (who knew it could be so hard to act natural ) we choose so many great products with the help of Linda the Lagom leader who also had to reign in my expensive taste lol.

The products we got on the trip included The LAPPLJUNG RUTA rug which has made our kitchen and living area a much warmer and welcoming space aswell as well as looking amazing. We also picked up curtains for the kitchen aswell as loads of cushions and cookware. It has all hugely improved the look of the flat and makes it so much cosier.

Below is a Before and After of our living space 


Since my last post, I have also officially started to Live lagom.

So far in the project, I cant believe what a difference it has made, it’s honestly changed how I live every day and I have become a lot more conscious about what I buy or use.

First, i have donated or got rid of loads of items to make my living spaces a lot more minimal and now only have items I love.

A perfect example of how the project has made a difference to me is by using the reusable WATER BOTTLE  which i was given by ikea. Before this bottle i stopped at the shop each morning and spent £1 on a plastic bottle of water, since using this i have found out their is a water fountin right next to my classroom in Uni, this means im saving £1 a day aswell as reducing the amount of plastic i use.

Another example is adding the CURTAINS to my window, before getting these my room was always either too hot or too cold, so I was constantly turning off and on the heating aswell as this,  if i wanted some privacy i had to have my blinds fully closed, since adding the curtains I very rarel have to turn on my radiator as the room stays a nice temperature all the time. It has also made my room much more homely. Linda came up with the great idea of using a shower curtain pole to hold them up as I am not allowed to drill holes into the wall, it’s worked fantastic 


I have also become a lot more conscious when it comes to shopping, each week I make a shopping list of what I need and what I can use in a number of meals to stop waste, I am also using the IKEA STORAGE  CONTAINERS and GLASS CONTAINERS to keep things fresher for longer, since starting the project my weekly food shop has reduced from around £35 an average of £21. I also ensure all the packaging is recycled correctly as the new Storage bins have made it easy to sort.


I am having so much fun taking part in the project and its great seeing what a difference it is actually making!

Thanks again to IKEA for getting me invloved, Tristan

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