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My Night Routine + Sleep Hygine Tips

I am a big fan of routine, I like structure in my life as it makes me get more done, feel more productive and generally happier.  In the morning, it helps me be ready on time and organised for the day ahead but I find it most important at night.

I have always had trouble getting to sleep but I realised that having a routine helps me to relax and get the best possible sleep.


From around 8 pm onwards is when my night routine starts,

Catch up– I’m addicted to social media so I allow myself some time to scroll through Instagram, read some blog posts and catch up on Youtube videos. I find I am more productive at night so I also plan out my blog posts and Instagram photos as it helps me relax and switch off from work or university. 


Get Comfy– I love after a long day of wearing restricting clothes to put on some oversized and soft pyjamas. It helps me feel ready for bed and chill out.

The pyjamas I am wearing below are from h&m and super soft.


Cool it down – sleeping in a colder room is proven to help you fall asleep faster and also improve sleep quality (Exactly what I need)  but don’t get me wrong,  I love being cosy so I open my window and doors slightly to let some fresh air in to make sure it isnt too stuffy when i do lay down.

Tidy Up – I think your surroundings can impact your sleep and for me a clean room helps induce a better sleep, so I always make sure to put away any clothes, clear off the surfaces and roll up any cabled or charger just to leave my room feeling a bit more organised and ready for the next day.

Wash Away the Day-  I know so many people disagree with this but i love to shower at night, theres just something about hopping into bed fresh out of the shower that feels good, I also hate having hair product in my hair going all over my pillow as I sleep.

Teeth Time – I’m a bit obsessed with it come to cleaning my teeth, I use my electic tooth brush followed by an ordinary tooth brush with whitening toothpaste to keep them clean, then I use floss picks finished off with putting on my retainers to make sure my teeth don’t move out of place.


Face – Before applying any moisturiser or spot treatments I make sure and remove any gunk (ew what a word) that has built up over the day. I use this clensing brush that was £1.50 in primark and it has made such a difference to my skin. I then use a clenser and moisturniser which helps keep away any spots and keep my skin from drying out.


Turn Down –  My biggest pet hate is bad lighting! I love making the room look a lot cosier by having a candle lit or just a small down light on before bed (after all out body’s arent used to light bulbs) this candle is by Pecksniffs and is designed to help you sleep as it contains lavender, which fills the room with such a nice calming scent.


Call it a Plan – Planning the next day seems obvious but i always set aslide 5 minutes to really think though what I need to achieve the next day, so ill lay out my outfit and quickly jot down a quick plan for the day, if you dont already do this I honestly think this is something you have to try just to see how much more relaxed you will feel.

when I get into bed I set my alarm, I use the iPhone bedtime alarm so I know exactly when I need to go to bed to be up on time and still get my 8 hours


i then force myself to set my phone aside and read, it makes me tired much faster and cuts out any other distractions. If you really hate reading start with audiobooks or just music, there are some great playlists on spotify


I also use a few products when I get into bed the first is this Lush dusting powder which I dust over my sheets and pillow this helps me relax and feel like going to sleep.


Another great product is this De Stress Spray from Primark, I spray this on my pillow and it gives off such a nice scent and only costs £1!


The very final thing I do is apply some hand cream, switch off my bedside light and finally drift off to sleep


Thank you so much for reading!

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