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Pizza Punks

Ok, let’s address the elephant in the room ‘I d̶o̶n̶’t̶ ̶  didn’t like pizza!

There I said it, but that has all changed after visiting  Pizza Punks Belfast, I now realise I’ve been missing out the past 21 years!

Pizza Punks officially opened its doors last Friday and I was invited along to try it out at a VIP Launch. Located in the centre of Cathedral Quarter, Pizza Punks has got it all right, not only the location but with the interior styling too, black and white tiles, leather seats and a glow of red neon signs really set the atmosphere. Expect it to be popping up all over your Instagram feed.


The staff can make or break a place in my opinion and they 100% make it in Pizza Punks case, more than willing to help, knowledgeable and friendly, they make you feel right at home and even encouraged me to try things I would never usually go for.

We got the chance to make our own pizza’s and taste some cocktails, which were both amazing however I think ill leave the pizza making to the professionals from now on, mine was more of a rectangle than circle!

*If you do go you HAVE to try the Iron Bru Pulled Pork, sooo nice!*

The best thing about Pizza Punks is the fact there is a set price, you pay for your pizza and then choose from over 60 toppings for no extra charge no matter how many you have! It was such a brilliant night, I genuinely can’t wait to go back!


I also have to mention another amazing thing about Pizza Punks, their wine is on tap rather than bottled making it more environmentally friendly and the straws dissolve in hot water, you know I love a bit of sustainability! haha

Thanks for reading!!


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