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The Casual Approach

The plan for my blog moving forward

Hey, it’s been quite a while, far too long.

The main reason for that is I’m really impulsive when it comes to writing for my blog, I always follow the same routine of sitting down full of energy determined to get writing again, but end up getting bored spending too long working on a piece which usually results in me getting frustrated, closing the computer and it ends up a half-written piece in my drafts that never get posted (you should see some of my drafts, what was I thinking lol).

So, moving forward it only makes sense for me to switch up my way of doing things and take a much more instantaneous approach (scrapbook style if you will) with blogging. I really do miss sitting down to blog so moving forward I want to fill you all in on the stories behind each Instagram, what I’m doing with my life and the products I am loving, I do this all the time over on my Instagram stories but when the 24 hours is up and they disappear I want something a bit longer lasting that yous can go back and catch up on.

So hopefully this is the start of more consistent posts

Talk soon, Tristan!

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