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Auto Glym: My 5 Favourites (Review)

Hello again…

Keeping my car clean has become somewhat of an obsession, I absolutely love spending hours cleaning and detailing it then standing back and seeing huge results. Over the years I have tried and tested so many different brands and products that  I have gathered quite a large collection, some good and some bad…very bad!


One brand which I have used from the start is Autoglym, partly due to it being really good quality and partly because its so readily available meaning, I don’t have to wait for online delivery!!

With such a huge range of products available from Autoglym, I have decided to pick 5 of my favourite to talk about/review in case you are thinking of buying some.

1.) Vinyl & Rubber Care – I would honestly describe this as a must-have for anyone who is interested in keeping their car clean and new looking, It can be applied to all of the interior and exterior plastics restoring the original surface colour and providing a clear protective coating  (basically keeping them shiny black instead of the horribly faded grey most cars have faded too). I apply this after the car has been washed and dried, I  use a paper towel to apply the product as I find the microfiber cloth absorbs too much,  It can be left on like this which leaves the plastics super shiny, perfect for car show shows however the rain makes it run or alternatively it can be buffed to a more flat finish for every day long-lasting finish, the bottle costs £7.49 from Halfords and is really long lasting.

2.) My second favorite product is the AutoGlym instant Tyre dressing, this is one of the easiest to use Tyre dressings I have used, you simply spray it on the wet or dry wheel and let it dry in. It returns the tires to a deep black ‘as new’ finish. The dressing can be applied to give a high or low sheen finish if required, I have found that I can use this product every second wash as it is very long lasting as opposed to other brands. I apply it to the tires when dry and it gives a much more even coverage and avoids runs, the 500ml bottle costs £6.79 from Halfords and is well worth it as it transforms the look of the tires.

3.) Third on my list is the AutoGlym Auto fresh, this is essentially a spray air freshener which gives a long lasting fresh smell in the car and counteracts odours caused by dampness, pets, tobacco and traffic fumes. I carry a bottle in the car at all times so before anyone gets in I give the carpets and seats a quick spray as unlike others it is a nonstaining formula, The Auto fresh is only available in one fragrance however it is a not overpowering refreshing smell. the 500ml bottle lasts for ages as it only takes a small spray each time (especially in a Mini lol) 

4.) This Product is not something you would use on a weekly wash, however makes an unbelievable difference when used, if you are the kind of person who wants their car to look cleaner than new then I can’t recommend the surface detailing clay enough, this is the first thing I do when I get a car to clean, you rub the small piece of clay over the bodywork of the car and it removes all of the contaminants and dirt that you would never have been able to do otherwise, it leaves the bodywork looking so shiny and smooth and the perfect base to start cleaning. this is a product I use about once every 6 months and the one kit has lasted me about 5 times so far. it is quite expensive at £29 but works wonders.

5.) And finally on my list is one specifically for leather, this product is the Leather care balm, this product is made from a mixture of soaps, natural oils and surface proofing agents that will help preserve the appearance of the leather. I leave this on the leather for a few minutes then buff off and it leaves a slightly shiny new leather look

Thanks for reading, have you any must have car cleaning products? I’d love to hear about them


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