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10 Thing you might not know about me

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great week! Mine has been hectic, but hey, I’m back as promised another post.

Anyway, this week ive been trying to get everything back under control, you know me I love organisation, but the past few weeks back in Belfast have been all over the place with no routine, I was trying to manage lots of things but not really doing anything right, so this week ive been making the effort to get back in charge and catching up on university work, trying to eat better, cleaning my flat and sending some long overdue emails!

One thing I’m most determined I want to improve is my Blog, I really love my little space here on the internet and I’m so happy how far it has come, but the past while ive been letting it slack, posting blog post which haven’t been as personal or interesting as id like them to be and comparing myself to others which can never end well. So, I’m promising myself and you that I’m going to try keep on top of things and post content I’m proud of and enjoy making, after all that’s why I started!


To Kick thing off I thought id do a silly little 10 thing you might not know about me …

1. I’m not an only child, I don’t know why but everyone always thinks I am, maybe I just don’t mention my brother enough (sorry Simon) but I have one older brother.

2. I have an obsession with MINIS, I mean you can probably tell but I really, really like them and could probably tell you the year, model, colour name and specification just from looking at a picture, too much info? yeah thought so.

3. I’m really independent, Luckily this works really well for blogging as you have to go to lots of events without a +1, but I actually like doing things alone, especially shopping, if I’m with friends I end up chatting and buying nothing.

4. I have a weird thing about lighting, I cant sit in a room with the big light on it just annoys me, that’s why I have 8 different lamps in my room. yep. 8.

5. When I meet someone, I literally know in 3 seconds if I like them or not. That sounds bad doesn’t it? I’m also a big believer in having a small group of friends rather than a big group.

6 I love interiors, I love decorating, buying and scrolling through all things interior design, the first time I went to IKEA I probably near died, it was the dream.

7. I hate school trips/ sleepovers, From no age id find any excuse out of school trips and to this day I refuse to go on university trips, I just hate being part of a big group, maybe that’s to do with No.3.

8. I cant pack light, If you have ever seen me in real life I usually have a backpack, and in that backpack is more than likely an outfit change, an entire chemist, notepads and every other essential thing I don’t need.

9. I don’t know what my future plan is, Yes I’m studying Product Design but that can lead to many things and ive no idea where I want to go or want to be.

10. Tgavy started as my email address, Nearly 10 years ago I made the email address and ever since its stuck as a nickname and then blog name, ive debated changing it but I like it, I think I’m attached to it now.

There you have it, I’m sure I could think of alot more but ill leave it there for now, as always thanks so much for reading and ill be back with another post soon!



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