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August Attire

Hello again … I am hoping this post marks the start of regular content however with less than a month until the big move to university, I’m trying to get in as many hours in work as possible so no promises.

I have to say I’m getting a bit obsessed with clothing grids (they make up most of my Instagram feed) so thought I would try to make my own with some stuff I have bought this month.


Apologies for the poor image quality

The first piece which I have bought is a

khaki bomber jacket from TOPMAN  , this is my third bomber and definitely my favorite, the material has a much more light weight feeling making it easier to wear in the warmer weather. the army green colours have been everywhere recently so I had to join in


The second item is the jeans, I visited the newly refurbished Pull & Bear store in Victoria square Belfast which had some really cool stuff, I always struggle to get skinny jeans that don’t cut all circulation to my legs but these super skinny fit jeans are really comfortable and the rips are just enough without having gaping holes at my knees.


I was in desperate need of new shoes and having already owned one pair of Nike sb’s they were an easy choice, I went for the grey suede look ones which I doubt will look new for very long but I find them really comfortable and a nice change from converse.



I had seen a few people wearing gold Casio’s and really liked them, I love gold watches but very few would be acceptable to wear every day but I think the Casio is perfect, it looks very vintage and so far the quality seems really good, I first looked at them in urban outfitters but then seen that they were much cheaper from Argos so that’s where I got mine.


I have to say I’m some what of a sunglasses hoarder and every time I am shopping have to try them on, H&M are for sure the best place to buy them from, they are always under £10 and really good quality, these Clubmaster style glasses look really cool and are a really good size, the lenses make everything brighter which can be annoying when driving but I think they would be perfect for holidays or to carry with you.

thanks so much for reading


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