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Herschel as a brand is known for manufacturing quality, stylish and practical bags, so when I saw this Sydney Plus backpack when out shopping i had to get it!

I don’t know what it is but I love backpacks, I think it is the fact I can have my phone, laptop, notebook and a bottle of water all in reach. Every year before starting school I would put a stupid amount of thought into what backpack I would buy to carry my stuff in, and I’m still the same.

Backpacks are a huge trend at the minute and can be seen on the backs of celebrities right down to everyday people on the street. Influencers like Kanye West and Alfie Deyes are often spotted wearing one so of course, it wasn’t long before high street stores caught on to the trend.


My backpack is the Herschel Sydney Plus in the colour “Seafoam”  it’s not at all my usual style but I think that’s why I liked it

on the inside, it’s lined with the typical red and white stripe with lots of storage and protection for items

If you love it too, it is available at…

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