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Belfast’s Best kept skin care secret : My skin care routine with Kiehls

Hi again everyone! How fast are these weeks going by?! I can’t believe its 9 weeks to Christmas, I’m promising myself this year I’m going to be ready early but I doubt it will happen. Today I have a long-awaited skincare post, I’m not sure why but its always requested, I think it because every blogger has one!

When it comes to skincare I’m no expert, but luckily the people at Kiehls Belfast are, Kiehls Belfast is located at the entrance to Victoria square and specializes in premium skin, hair, and body care products. 


Thankfully I have never had the worst skin, throughout my teen years i had lots of breakouts but luckily not enough to cause any problems, however this past year I noticed a big change in my skin, It had become alot more oily, dull and overall unhealthy looking, I realised it was time to put down the drugstore products and invest in my skin.

When you go instore the staff are always so helpful and welcoming, I explained that I didn’t want an overcomplicated routine as I had tried it before and didn’t stick to it and after talking through some of the products I had found products which would work for me.



This is a mild cleanser for all skin types which dissolves excess oil and dirt from the skin, I wet my face then use my fingertips to massage it into my skin then rise it off, it leaves your skin feeling fresh without that tight feeling alot of other cleansers leave.  The first week using this cleanser I noticed it brought up alot of spots which were under my skin but once they cleared it has left my face looking alot more healthy. Ive been using it morning and night for over a month now and I’m really happy with the results.



I received a sample of this with my first purchase of Kiehls and since then bought the full-size bottle, I use it after my cleanser as an extra step to remove oils and residue from my face, I have noticed my skin is visibly less red and my pores are smaller by using this toner, I use a cotton pad to apply it to my face in upward motions.



This is one of Kiehls best selling products and it’s not hard to see why! I love this moisturiser, it has a really light texture and absorbs into the skin right away, I have found tiny bit goes long way so its actually really good value! It instantly leaves my skin feeling softer and not oily or shiny.



Something I never thought would work is a Mask, but after one use of this my skin was brighter and smoother, it has really helped with the dull aspect of my skin, I apply a layer to my face and let it dry for 10 minutes, then using warm water exfoliate it off, you can use this up to 3 times a week but I find that once a week is working well for me!

While in store I had the chance to look at some of the best sellers and new products which might be perfect for your skin


Midnight recovery oil– A replenishing nighttime facial oil with distilled botanicals that visibly restores the appearance of skin by morning, ive tried it, it’s amazing.

Creamy Eye Treatment with Avacado– A moisturising eye treatment enriched with avocado to nourish eyes ( I can’t wait to try this ive heard amazing reviews!)

Ultimate Strength Hand Salve- A maximum-strength moisturizer for dry, active hands

Smoothing Oil-To-Foam Body Cleanser– Leaves skin feeling nourished, soft and smooth to the touch

Nourishing Dry Body Oil-spray on body oil delivers a fine mist that quickly absorbs into the skin residue free and dry to the touch!


In store there is also lots of great pre-made gift sets which would make an amazing Christmas present *hint hint *

I hope you enjoyed this post and take a visit to Kiehls

Thanks so much to the team at Kiehls Belfast (@belfastskincare) for the chance to check out the store.


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