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Ikea Shopping trip

Imagine being sent to IKEA with a £300 voucher and a personal shopper, well that’s exactly what happened to me last month!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve last written a blog post, but only because I have been super busy with university deadlines, I haven’t forgotten and have some exciting stuff coming soon, don’t worry!

The shopping trip was part of the Live Lagom project which I am taking part in and loving so far! Linda the Belfast Lagom leader and I set off on our shop with 3 main aims

  1. Reduce turning on heating– Although my flat is small, there is a large window which creates a breeze, the floor is also always cold which means the heating is almost never off

  2. Improve my Recycling- I currently recycle however only have a small bin which means I end up putting items in the normal bin to save time emptying it *shame on me*

  3. Reduce Food waste- At the end of each week I throw out a crazy amount of food due to expiry dates or no way of storing, this is not only a waste of food but money too!

I had made a rough plan of what I wanted before leaving but with Linda’s help I was able to create the perfect shopping list

below is exactly what I purchased.


In my next Lagom Blog post I will be talking in detail about how these items and how they have helped!

I can’t wait to share it with you!


*no trip would be complete without meatballs lol*

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