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MINIMAL Makeover

To coincide with my new sustainable lifestyle thanks to the Ikea Lagom Project, I also want to become a bit more minimal in my approach to decorating.

My room had become overflowing with cushions, frames, clothes and about everything else you can imagine. If I saw something I liked, I bought it, rather than planning where it would go and how it would fit in with the space. so I set aside a day this week to transform my bedroom into a clean, clutter-free living space.

I have to say I was ruthless when it came to getting rid of stuff, I started with bedding getting rid of everything that wasn’t plain white or striped, The fresh new white bedding from Primark has lifted the room and looks much less busy especially with just one decorative cushion.

Secondly, I worked on the surfaces, clearing everything off my bedside table, desk and windowsills, then brought back in my favourite item and placed them where they suited. what was left over  I stored away or donated.

I then worked on my wardrobe getting rid of anything I haven’t worn recently. and made sure everything was in its place, I need to do a proper clothing purge but that’s going to take a full day of its own and a lot more energy.

Finally, I added two new Ikea lights, firstly the RANARP reading lamp, it has added well-needed light to my seating area and has really nice brushed gold details.

The second lamp I added is the JANAJO work lamp, rather than placing it on the desk I have placed it on top of my wardrobe to illuminate the floor space as well as my clothes as this was quite a dark area of the room

overall I am so happy with how it turned out and it feels much nicer, here are some pictures …

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