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Room Tour- My Bedroom

(For and up to date room tour check my Instagram, @tgavy)

Hey guys! I hope you are well, I’m finally showing you my Bedroom on here! Its been highly requested but Ive been putting it off for ages as I want to make some changes in the summer but I thought Id go ahead and show you exactly what it’s like right now.



ORG_DSC01198 (1)

I really wanted the space to be minimal(ish) and without too much colour, I’m sure you have seen on here my aesthetic is pretty much black white and grey, so I wanted my room to reflect that, I opted for grey on all 4 walls to bring the space in, I’m lucky enough to have high ceilings so the room could take such a dark colour without feeling too small.

The majority of the furniture is from the Hemnes range in IKEA, having previously had white furniture I took the risk with all black, to keep the space light I keep all white bedding and have alot of lights around the room including behind/ under the bed and Inside/above the wardrobe, this makes the space feel super cosy at night.

This is the corner as soon as you walk in, I have the Large Hemnes chest of drawers with some cool old American number plates on the wall, I really don’t like to have too many things sitting about on show so I just have a plant, a candle and a frame.


The drawers are super big so its really easy to organise everything.

While this lamp isn’t the most  minimal or in keeping wiht my bedroom its one of the first pieces I ever bought for my bedroom, I’m talking a good 7 years ago its from Ben de Lisi and I remember falling in love with it instore and saving for ages, I think its important to not just have things that look nice but that actually have a memory and make you happy.


The desk area is somewhere I sit and write blogs ( I’m here right now) so it didn’t need to be large, just big enough for me and my laptop, it’s from the build your own section in IKEA and I positioned it under the window to make the most of the view.


On the bedside table, I have this clock which is from Matalan and  A ted baker candle I received as a gift.


The shelf above my bed is just a picture ledge with some frames that I printed off images for.


My favourite area for sure is this corner with my STRANDMON wing chair, I had wanted one for ages so got it for Christmas 2 years ago such an old man but I love it lol! Ive put the lamp behind it so it makes it a great space to sit and read or scroll through Instagram.

ORG_DSC01198 (1)

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked


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