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My 4 go to Fragrances (VALENTINES gift ideas)

Today I had 3 compliments on how I smelled, that’s an achievement worth blogging about in my opinion, especially with valentines day being tomorrow and Fragrances being such a common gift.

Although buying someone a fragrance seems easy, it’s actually a hard present to get right, so I decided to show you my 4 go to scents that I reach for on a daily bases and think would make a great gift.




Pure XS is my all time favourite, luckily a little goes a long way as its probably the most expensive on this list. I reach for this one when I have an event, meeting, meal or date (ha as if I’d be so lucky) Ive already gone through 2 bottles and haven’t got sick of it one bit. Pure XS has a really fresh and manly scent. It smells really expensive and its the one I get complimented on the most.

BOSS The Scent


I was very kindly gifted this one from Gordon’s chemist and it’s not one I thought I would have loved! This has a really strong leather/spicy scent which I love to wear on nights out. I usually go for fresher scents but the fruity scent of this is such a nice change and a great gift for men old or young.



When people ask what I’m wearing and I tell them it’s LUSH they are always so shocked. Believe me when I say this is one of the NICEST scents ive ever had, unlike the others, this one doesn’t smell like a typic fragrance and more like a super fresh almost minty smell. Dirty is my daily go to for uni and work with a really long lasting scent. It is available in some really nice gift sets too so makes a perfect gift!



Lastly is this Topman fragrance, at only £10 it really is a great gift idea, it has a distinctive fresh scent without being too overbearing. I keep a travel sized version in my backpack as its a nice scent to freshen up with during the day.

Thanks for reading! If you have any recommendations for me to try I’d love to hear them!


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